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I think a lot of women these days fail to realize the consequences of the fashion trends they follow. They'll buy an outfit simply because it's popular and trendy and all their friends like it, but they never stop to consider how much is hanging out. It just doesn't occur to them because skimpy clothing is so common that it has become socially acceptable. They're not buying the low cut top to show off their chest, they're buying it to show off how rich or trendy they can be. Thus, there exist a lot of different motives for doing so.

Acknowledge the obvious

Sex sells. And like it or not, breasts get beer sold and burgers bought. It’s not such a stretch to realize your ta-tas are more likely to get checked out than, say, your knees or collarbones. So do a double take in the mirror before walking out the front door in the morning. Women on free live stream porn understand the power of breasts in general, but they don’t understand the power of their own. You may aim for different effects depending on the situation, but understanding how and when to tap into the power of her cleavage will help her achieve the desired result anytime, anywhere. One can look like a hoochie mama, Mother Superior or somewhere in between as a sexy and classy woman, there’s nothing more fascinating than a woman who owns her sex appeal and her power.

Sometimes more brings more

All bets are off when the sun goes down. Feel free to flaunt your curves and play up cleavage for a night on the town. This is the time to pair a push-up bra with a plunging neckline or, if you’re small-chested and daring, go with a sexy backless number and skip the bra. She knows that revealing inches of cleavage during off hours will get the job done, she thinks of her cleavage as an accessory, and make sure it suits her outfit and the occasion.

Sometimes less is more

In some industries, it’s appropriate in fact, required to play up your cleavage: entertainment, fashion, Hooters, to name a few. Unless your career success rests on your chest, though, it's probably wiser to rely on your other assets at the office. Well, the truth is If cleavage isn’t in your job description, don’t write it in.

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